I absolutely enjoy talking with Murielle! I have been reaching out to her for guidance and advice for 4+ years. She's my go to person whenever I need guidance. Her ability to address my current life circumstances with such accuracy and providing me with clarity on direction and confirmation when I was in need to have peace of mind have been very helpful. What I love about her is that even when she tells me things that are negative, she says it in a way where it's not discouraging (she never sugar coats!).  If you are thinking about getting a reading, book with Murielle! - you will be happy you did!

Thanks Murielle!

Best - Donna B.

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Pleasure talking to Murielle as she picks up on my situations in question with clarity and without me providing her information. Amazing! Thank you Murielle and I look forward to whats ahead!

by Diane Jones

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I must thank you so much for the reading.  You were so accurate on many things that I didn't have to mention. Thank you so much .... you took a large weight off my shoulders.

(( hugs )) Barbi Jean

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Dear Murielle.

Thank you for our phone appointment. It gave me a lot to think about and took away some doubt and insecurity.
Plus it was nice talking to you!



Hello Murielle,

Thank you so much for this l really appreciate your kindness and the lovely reading you gave me today as I really needed it. I told my wife Teresa all about you just and she will be contacting you soon. 

Thank you once again!

Many blessings - Syd

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Hi Murielle!

Remember living in Chestnut Grove, Doylestown?! The day you moved you said Dean & I would find our house in NC before Thanksgiving. I was so disappointed that it didn't happen. However you didn't say which Thanksgiving ... we found our house before this Thanksgiving! It's 7.5 acres, with a pond, with woods, nice old house in a nice neighborhood. We close on it next month.

How are you doing? Did you move again yet?


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Thanks Murielle :-) Thanks for all your help and direction, I have more clarity now! Just had some yogurt :-)

Enjoy this beautiful day,

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Hi Murielle,

I wanted to thank you for helping my family (several times) over the past few years.  Your readings for me and for each of my two daughters have been helpful, comforting, and very accurate.  In terms of my daughters’ readings, what you saw in their futures came about just as you said it would.  For me, working with you concerning the Law of Attraction, was helpful and clarifying.  I feel good knowing you are out there doing this work.  As we face challenges going forward, I will not hesitate to ask for your help.

Thank you and Best Wishes,

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Hi Murielle,

I really enjoy my sessions with Murielle! She has given me wonderful insight into the inner working of my life that I would never have known otherwise. My father recently passed away and she was able to connect with his energy and tell me things that brough the peace and closer I so desperately needed. She was able to give me very true details about my family that I never discussed with her. She saw a diamond ring and told me I was getting engaged soon, and the week after my boyfriend proposed to me! She is a very talented psychic and healer, but equally down-to-earth and practical. I would highly recommend her services to others.

Ha, yes! You were right about the engagement except that it happened before thanksgiving instead of after. But close enough! The ring is beautiful and Pat and I are both really excited. We booked our venue, it's going to be at Stonebrooke Farm in Dublin/Perkasie area. It's an old rustic barn with beautiful grounds:-) My face is still burns sometimes but has gotton so much better and getting better and every week. I've been putting aloe on it and it's almost gone. I actually reached out to Audrey of Natural Awakenings Magazine because of what you told me. I met with her and she told me she needs a sales person but I told her I'm not really feeling the sales stuff. I'm meeting with a chiropractor next week to possibly do reflexology there on fridays. And I've been working with my uncle and doing a little filing for Pat's dad while I look for a job. But it's been nice to have some time to plan this wedding. 

Hope you have been well. This winter is too frigid I will be ready for spring when it comes. But I know this winter is an important time for reflection, healing and going within.


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