Murielle M Wesch BS, LMT, RM

Murielle M Wesch BS, LMT, RM

Murielle is a nationally know Edgar Cayce Psychic, a Usui and Shamballa Reiki Master as well as a licensed  massage therapist and reflexologist. Murielle loves blending all these therapies to offer healing to the whole of you, Body/Mind/ Spirit. 

After receiving her Bachelor's degree in Psychology, she found herself drawn to Alternative Complementary therapies.

Murielle received her Massage certification in 1993 and is now a Nationally Certified Massage therapy instructor. Murielle has been a member of ABMP, Associated Bodyworkers and Massage professionals since 1995. In 1994 she became certified in reflexology to be able to assist others to better health through reflex points found in the feet. 

She  has been offering clairvoyant readings since 1994. Murielle became an Edgar Cayce  recommended Psychic after receiving training at the A.R.E in Virginia Beach. Her readings are accurate, gentle and compassionate. Murielle also offers seminars to help you develop your own intuitive abilities to connect with others and receive your own guidance.

Murielle became a Reiki practitioner in 1996 and loved the benefits she received through sessions on herself as well as sessions offered on others. She became a Reiki Master in 1997 to be able to teach Reiki to others. In 2000 she became a Shamballa Reiki Master, this form of Reiki complements Usui Reiki.

For two years Murielle had a grant at Rainbow Home in Wyomissing PA to perform treatments on residents. The results were wonderful. On any day that a resident received a treatment, he would not require pain or sleep medications. A lot of emotional healing was also achieved.


Murielle also went to live on the Pine Ridge (Lakota) reservations in South Dakota to teach Reiki and offer treatments after observing the benefits of Reiki on people suffering from Diabetes. Murielle also wanted to offer massages to Native Americans after reading a research paper from  Dr Tiffany's Touch Research Institute in Miami that showed how massage could help diabetics glucose levels.

To have a better understanding of different ways of Healing, Murielle went on to receive her Bachelor's degree in Methaphysical Sciences from UMS.

Murielle found that some of her sessions were truly Life Coaching and so she decided to train to become a Certified Life Coach, she loves offering assistance to others in Living their Best Life Now. She also enjoys using Law of attraction in her Life coaching sessions to help you create the Life you want. She loves listening and reading all the material published by Esther and Jerry Hicks sharing the inspired thoughts of Abraham. She has also worked extensively with Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes.

Murielle lives in Telford PA and is available for counseling sessions by phone, see list of services for more details.